I bought a coupon on Eversave because my realtor had recommended I clean the vents after I purchased my condo 3-years ago. I called Friday morning on 5/18/12 to make an appointment and was scheduled the next day in a two hour window, which was extremely convenient since I didn’t have to rearrange my work schedule to be home. They arrived about 45 minutes early, which was completely fine because I was home, but could have potentially been an issue had I not been here (they did not call ahead, just called the evening before as a reminder).
The two technicians were very friendly and immediately reviewed the procedure. I was told what was included with my coupon and that they would make recommendations if anything else was needed after an assessment. My condominium unit was built in 1998 and it was very clear during their inspection that prior cleaning had not been done. EVERYTHING needed cleaned and the inside of my furnace was caked in dust and dirt. I agreed to have them service everything immediately since they accepted credit card. They didn’t just vacuum out my vents, they literally reached into the ducts to pull out the construction debris that had been sitting in there for 14 years, which included wood, aluminum, metal, screws, nails, dry wall tape, etc… After they were done they broom and vacuumed swept the areas that they worked in.

It went well. They remained in contact with me throughout the process if anything changed, and the guy came right at the beginning of the appointment window. From start to finish the job took about two hours. Reasonable, given the level of dirt within our vents. We just bought our house last December so we didn’t know what we had in the vents to start, and it turns out it looked like the house vents may have never been cleaning in its 60 year history. They were disgusting. The guy was very thorough and showed us what was going on with our vents before and after he cleaned them.
We were performing the service just because it seemed like a good thing for the house and perhaps would help with allergies since they had been bothering me since we moved in. The added bonus was that the AC unit has been working much better since it was performed, which was something I hadn’t really considered. I highly recommend the company.

The technician was friendly and quick. He even helped me tape back my dryer hose that wasn’t sealing well. I would call again.

They were great!!! They were knowledgeable, knew their stuff, answered my many questions (this was our first time getting our ducts cleaned)….. Most importantly I didn’t feel taken advantage of… We did purchase more than what was offered with living social (main lines, cold box, furnace, etc.). I would definitely use them again

They did an awesome job would highly recommend! Tony was very laid back and conversed w/me while he got the job done quickly. :0) Very friendly, honest, and hard working!! Great service!

Great job! Very satisfied. They carefully explained the process and gave us no hassle recommendations for additional work. Additional services were competitively priced. Will use them again!!!

Brandy was very responsive to my initial inquery and scheduled the job quickly. The technicians showed up promptly at the time stated, described to me what they were going to do, suggested a few additional services I could have done, but there was no pressure to do them, and did the job. They were courteous and showed concern for my house and belongings. They showed me the debri they removed and cleaned up after themselves. Very professional and accommodating. Would highly recommend this company.

Bought the Deal Of The Day for whole house Air Duct Cleaning for $269. They came out the next week and cleaned the duct work and also cleaned the furnace which cost more but worth it. Glad to get it all cleaned so soon. Thanks to Tony for the good job that he did. I would recommend Air Duct Buster to my family and friends.